Kaynak Hatlarımız




Implementation of the test according to changing customer requirements and. assessment of compliance with the standards is carried out in our laboratory which approved Tofaş / Fiat.


Our company measures of sample , pre-series, series products, mold, apparatus and fixtures by use of DEA GLOBAL three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine.



1. Zwick Roell tension / compression device with the physical properties of materials testing, tensile strength testing center, bolt / nut, etc help push kg of material testing, tensile testing of safety components are made.


2. Metallographic preparation,spot welding and gas metal arc welding penetration testing are made.


Metallographic Grinding and Polishing Machine
Metallographic Sample Molding Press
Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine


3. The material hardness controls the hardness measurement device


4. Coating Thickness Measurements




· Calipers
· Micrometer
· Buffer Gauges


• Temperature and Humidity Testing
• Temperature Shock Test
• Gas Resistance Test
• Adhesion Test


The parts which are produce in our facility first, interlude and final controls are made by our experienced . quality personnel. We used standard calipers, micrometers, fixtures and apparatus during the inspection and controls, additionally using Our three-dimensional measurement device (CMM) thanks to this obtain more precise measurements. Our company adopts the principle of continuous improvement and the zero error and we performed measurements and tests are as follows ; coating thickness measurement, adhesion test, gas resistance test, water and humidity resistance tests, corrosion and thermal shock tests, penetration measurements, a source rupture tests. PPM and SPC reports from our main industry is an indication that we are working on this issue meticulous and attentive. A result of these regular and rigorous work, "BEST QUALITY SUPPLIER INDUSTRY AWARD" we get from Turkish automotive company TOFAS , pride of doing our job to the best we are priority committed quality policy to continue to achieve new targets with new projects.